What did Zisson´s marketing team do to stay ahead during COVID-19?

Restrictions due to COVID-19 has forced us to think new and create new workflows, it is clear that most businesses had to adapt to the crisis, as well as their marketing strategy. As customers and companies have to deal with changes, new markets arise, but they should be handled with great responsibility. 

Internal and external communication

Marketing during COVID-19 has been about reassuring customers. For the marketing department, which handles both internal and external communication, it’s also been about finding new ways to engage and update our colleagues. With most people having a home office, information flow is everything. In Zisson, we use Teams actively, and this is where we engage with our colleagues and partners. During the crisis, this has been a great way to keep building culture, and continually sharing information. In Zisson, we have used this channel to share anything from new design guidelines, videos, articles, and social media posts. 

Digital marketing strategy in place

During the last two years, Zisson has implemented a digital marketing strategy. We are focusing on writing engaging and enlightening articles about relevant subjects on our blog, relevant GoogleAds, and updating our website. We are always actively using information from Google Analytics. As well as sharing social media posts cross-channel on Facebook and Linkedin to engage directly with partners and customers, sending out e-mails with product information and building an updated video channel for our customers.

As for activities, due to the crisis, we had to think new and be creative. We had already planned partner activities and being a part of other big events that were canceled. As an alternative, we joined digital activities, like being a part of a podcast with Customer Trends, co-wrote articles on our partners blogs, and hosted a webinar with our partner´s, which was a great way to build partnership and still be able to engage directly with the customers. (Read here, here, here and here.)

“It was essential for us to assess every word, image, and tone of voice in all our content.”

What marketing activities did Zisson do during the crisis?

For Zisson, it is important that the content we provide is useful, relevant, and responsible during this crisis. That’s why we decided to make a “pandemic-package”. We knew that our solution could help businesses communicate and work from home; it can handle enormous pressure and can be up in 24 hours. From that, we built a campaign about emergency solutions and packages that we knew businesses needed during this period. Zisson used a cross-channel strategy on SOME, blog, and GoogleAds to send out the message, that was viewed by thousands of people. We also adjusted our websites to focus on our emergency phone solution and the relevant packages during this crisis. Additionally, we wrote articles about the emergency package in online papers like Computerworld and Telecom i dag. We wrote about related customer cases/references, such as an interview with Oslo Municipality´s “corona hotline.” It was essential for us to assess every word, image, and tone of voice in all our content. We always wanted to reassure, help, and guide, and never be insensitive or invasive.  We also kept focusing on our social responsibility during the crisis and worked with voluntary crisis service platforms, for instance, The Church SOS and SnakkLitt.

Sarah Tomine Johannessen shaking hands

“My greatest advice to other marketeers during this situation is to keep educating yourself.”

Sarah Tomine Johannessen, Marketing Executive, Zisson. LinkedIn.

Sarah Tomine Johannessen is the marketing executive in Zisson. This is her experiences and advice to other marketing leaders during this situation.

One team is a key value in Zisson and an important part of making the best decisions. During this crisis, I wanted to reach out to other marketing leaders for discussions, and I got a lot of guidance and teamwork from our owners, Verdane. I am grateful that I am a part of a wonderful team in Zisson with many inspiring ideas. I´m also a part of a marketing network called TechMarketing, and I have a mentor. All of the above has been a great help during this period. Furthermore, I have taken different courses and webinars about responsible marketing content during a crisis, practical information about how to create a successful webinar, and tips to build a social media publishing calendar. To wrap up, my greatest advice to other marketeers during this situation is to keep educating yourself, be empathic and relevant in your communication, and discuss everything with your team.

Rewarding results

The results from all of this; Zisson has got more views and leads than before the crisis. Because we did everything digitally, we were able to keep low marketing spending, and we kept our visitors coming back to both the blog and our social channels. We were on the top of Google Search with relevant keywords on the Norwegian market and continued producing content.  

Takeaways:  Firstly, being creative and being open to adapt to a new normal is essential. Secondly, not being afraid to keep up the marketing activities and communication has been vital for the marketing department in Zisson during this time. In conclusion, we are proud of the message we have conveyed during this time. We have been able to keep our existing customers informed and engaged, as well as possible new customers interested, even though we have a crisis on our hands.