Zisson supports the NRK Telethon 2022

Zisson supports the NRK Telethon 2022

Zisson takes corporate social responsibility seriously! This is the 8th year we sponsor the NRK TV campaign with a cost-free contact center solution. This year, the TV campaign supports Doctors Without Borders, a neutral and independent medical aid organization that saves lives and alleviates suffering. Doctors Without Borders helps those who need it most – regardless of who, where, or why.  

Read more about the TV campaign 2022 here

Zisson assists the TV campaign in keeping lines and services operational, ensuring that the necessary infrastructure is in place. We set up the solution that routes calls before, during, and after the TV campaign. In collaboration with NRK and Doctors Without Borders, we input users, audio messages, and route calls according to a given schedule. Additionally, we monitor and ensure that the service is available throughout the entire TV campaign. 

Right now, millions of people are waiting to be treated by a doctor. For many, it’s a matter of life and death, but access to healthcare is not a given. This year’s TV campaign aims to prevent and treat diseases that affect people across borders, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, political stance, age, or gender. 

Lack of public health has significant consequences for both societies and individuals. Children don’t get to grow up, families lose their loved ones, young people miss out on education, and people fall out of the workforce. Without access to medical care, vaccines, or medicines, millions of people lose their lives each year. Often, these are individuals in vulnerable life situations.* 

At Zisson, we work every day to uphold the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This means that we encourage our employees to think about how they can contribute to equality and create a space for everyone regardless of gender, orientation, or belief, says André Jensen, CEO of Zisson. We at Zisson encourage everyone to take collective responsibility and support this year’s TV campaign. Together, we can make a difference and contribute to Doctors Without Borders and DNDi’s work to provide life-saving healthcare and medicines to those who need it most.