Zisson supports Norwegian People’s Aid

The world’s largest football tournament kicks off in late July, and Zisson is proud to support the Norwegian People’s Aid in their efforts to ensure safety and well-being during Norway Cup.

Zisson provides the telephone solution for the Norwegian People’s Aid throughout the entire year’s tournament, ensuring that good and efficient communication can be maintained as effectively as possible. For over 50 years, they have operated the field hospital, organized first aid, and mobilized volunteers to meet the needs that arise during the tournament.

Read more about the excellent work Norwegian People’s Aid does here.

With around 2000 injuries to handle, efficient information flow is crucial for the crew on duty so they can provide qualified assistance to young football players in need. The solution from Zisson makes it easier for the volunteer crew to receive proper guidance where they are, allowing them to make the right medical assessments without overburdening emergency medical services.

We at Zisson are proud to provide solutions to entities that make a difference, and we can also point to customers such as Oslo Emergency Room, Kirkens SOS, and the Epilepsy Association. These, like Norwegian People’s Aid, provide important value and benefit to the rest of society.

We are pleased to contribute and hope that the joy of sports can flourish on Ekebergsletta this year as well. Zisson wishes Norwegian People’s Aid and all registered teams good luck in this year’s tournament!