Zisson Socialboards 2024-4

Zisson Socialboards release 04 – 2024-06-18

What’s new?

In this release, we have several areas where we have developed new and improved features.


For agents, the following features will be new or improved:

Block non-authenticated chat users.

What’s coming: As an agent, you can now block unauthorized or anonymous chat users.

How it works and how to use: Simply add unwanted chat sessions to the blocked users list by pressing the “spam” button in the top menu.


For admins, the following features will be new or improved:

Community action log

What’s coming: As an administrator, you can now get a full overview of any action fulfilled inside the system. An action can be an update of an existing feature or the addition of a new one.

How it works and how to use:

Go to admin settings. The Activity log is placed at the bottom in the left menu. Use the filtering options at the top of the page to filter for specific action types or a specific user.

Install multiple locations or pages at once

What’s coming: To speed up the installation process when adding new social media locations, we have added the ability for you as an administrator to install all pages, locations, or others at once. The feature is available for Google Business locations, Facebook Pages and Locations, and Instagram Accounts and locations.

How it works and how to use: Simply press the install button on the installation page for the channel you wish to install and select the locations you want to install.

Master setting for custom fields

What’s coming: To make it easier to maintain custom fields and corresponding values, we have added a simple setting that sets your custom fields to work as a master field wherever it’s used.

How it works and how to use: When updating an existing field, you will now be sent to the fields library by default. From there, update your field with new values. When done, the fields are automatically updated wherever they are used.

Statistics API/Webhook

Load values in a custom field from external APIs

What’s coming: A new method for adding field values is now available. You can now add values from external APIs.

How it works and how to use: Go to the admin settings page and from there to the Fields library. Create a new field of the type Checklist, Dropdown, or Radio button. At the bottom of your newly created field, check the box “Load values from external API.” Select the method and fill in the necessary credentials to get started.

Collect feedback using custom surveys

Build and send custom surveys

What’s coming: In this update, we introduce a new feature that lets you build and distribute custom or predefined surveys to your customers. In the March update, we introduced custom surveys for Chat tickets. Now, we add two new channels – email, internally created tickets, and tickets created by customers using our web forms.

How it works and how to use: Use a prebuilt survey or build your own using our form builder. Set up criteria to decide whom you wish to send to and what customers to exclude. The solution supports sending different surveys running in parallel.

The survey module is available to test for all our customers. Start by navigating to the administrator page and then select “forms” in the left menu. Create a new survey by pressing “New form” and choosing form type “Survey.” Give your survey form a name and click save.

Example showing a custom survey form