Zisson Socialboards 02 – 2024

Socialboards update

In this release, we have introduced new features and made improvements to the Socialboards platform to streamline workflows and enhance user experience.

The New Features include:

Simple Address Book
We now provide a feature that allows you to organize email contacts. Simply add a list of contacts and access them when working with emails and email-like tickets. 

Survey for Chat Tickets
This feature allows you to trigger a custom survey following the conclusion of chat conversations. Utilize our form builder to create your own survey.

Hide Content in a Ticket Thread
A new feature allows users to hide specific content when dealing with emails and email-like tickets. This includes the ability to exclude certain words, phrases, or entire reply blocks, maintaining their non-searchability.

Community Signature
Standardize user signatures by adding a community-wide signature.

Support for “Unknown” Email Recipients
Enhanced logic now enables administrators to whitelist communications from specified domains, supporting internal and business-to-business communications.

Specific Sender Name for Each Outbound Email Address
Customize the sender name for different email addresses, allowing for greater personalization and clarity.


Minor Changes and Improvements:

  • Automated reply based on waiting time: Our chat system now supports the sending of automated chat messages if the waiting time reaches a certain threshold.
  • Update Voyado CRM: Voyado CRM integration has been upgraded.
  • Revised display of email addresses for recipients: We have updated the logic regarding how email addresses are displayed to recipients for clearer communication.
  • Enhanced logic for forwarding email tickets: When forwarding emails to external contacts, the ticket subject is now automatically retained.
  • New rules engine action: The rules engine can now automatically assign tickets to specific users based on predefined criteria.
  • New Rules Engine Criteria: We have added new criteria to the rules engine to enable action triggers based on time.
  • New hide feature for Instagram tickets: You can now block and automatically hide comments from specific users in Instagram tickets.
  • Signatures and emojis in forwarded tickets: When forwarding tickets to external contacts, you can now include signatures and emojis for a personalized touch.


Changes in the release may occur.