Partners with the leading telecom companies in the Nordics.



Zisson is Telenor's preferred partner on Contact Center Solutions

Zisson and Telenor have been collaborating for many years, and in 2019 we became Telenor's preferred partner for contact center solutions. Zisson Interact has integrations with Telenor's APIs and Mobile Business Network.


Leading in the Nordic Countries

Techstep is a leader in the Nordic countries in creating digital and mobile workspaces. We have had a formal collaboration for four years. Together we have over 100 national and international customers. They have their own support and delivery team for the solution.


Innovative actors

Friday Networks always has a customer centric and end user focus. We have formally collaborated for two years. Together we have large business customers who appreciate innovative thinkers. Friday Networks actively participates in the digitization journey of their customers.



Specialists in the corporate market

Mobit specializes in mobile and IT for the corporate market. They want to create a digital everyday life that is simple, updated and without any hassle.


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