Zisson Interact 03 – 2024

What’s new?

In this release the updates is specifically targeted towards changes affecting administrator users. The changes include improvements in automation, UX, and switchboard search setup.

For agents, there will be the possibility of a softphone without an associated number, but only by activating this for the customer.


Upcoming changes
Automations (Event Action System) is designed to automate processes based on events in Zisson Interact. The process could be to send SMS or email to callers, agent, or to a third-party recipient. It could also be to set a status on agents or agent groups, or to change priority in a queue based on an event. An event can for example be a specific time each day, or a specific date. An event can also be based on an inquiry entering a queue, leaving a queue, being offered an agent, answered by an agent, or a call being terminated. For events that are not based on time, filters can also be added. Filter can be:

  • Which queue
  • Queue wait time
  • Number of inquiries in queue when the event occurs (Greater than/Less than/Equal to)
  • Existing maximum queue time
  • Answered or unanswered call
  • Call duration
  • Number of agents logged into queue when the event occurs (Greater than/Less than/Equal to)
  • Time before/after or between
  • Source of call (Phone, chat, email)

How it works

  • Find the menu option Automations/EAS in Admin. Here you will find a list of active/created automations with the ability to add more.

  • Example of how it works:
    • Using automation to create an SMS survey from a third party.

        • When the call is ended in the queue GeneralQueues1 and GeneralQueues2, and the call is answered with a call duration of at least 60 seconds.
        • “Log off agents at night time”.

  • “Alert to teams channel missed on duty call,” where you can notify a Teams channel of missed on-duty calls. When the call ends. Unanswered and the queue time should be over 45 seconds. Then we can send an email.

How to use it
To start using EAS, your agent or agent group must have the “171 Automation (EAS) Administration” property. If it is not available for selection, you can contact Zisson for an offer on the automation module.


Upcoming changes
It is possible to copy a queue profile, to easily make minor changes.

How it works
In Admin, you can find the menu option Queue Profiles. Here, you will find a list of queue profiles and the ability to make changes, as well as add new ones. Press the copy button, and the copied queue profile opens with the name “Copy of…”. Enter the new queue profile “a relevant name” and make the changes you want to make.

How to Use
To have access to make changes, your user needs the “129 Queue Profiles” function.

Switchboard Contact Search

Upcoming changes
We’re introducing the ability to create predefined contact searches/contact filters based on dynamic values in session fields. These changes are most relevant for Admins, but will also affect Agents.

How it works
During an incoming call, the system will generate predefined search filters that perform a lookup based on the content of a contact. This could typically include information such as the company or department associated with the caller or the history of the call.


How to Use
In the Admin section, navigate to the “Service Numbers” menu option, where you’ll find a list of all service numbers in the solution. From here, you can define a contact search for when a call comes in to a specific number. To incorporate dynamic values, you can add values directly from a session field set in the flow or you can integrate with a CRM system that can retrieve values back to Zisson Interact. For more detailed information, please contact your Zisson representative.

Softphone without number

Upcoming changes:
The ability to create a softphone for all agents in the solution. This softphone does not have an 8 digit number so it will not be possible to call the agent directly from the outside, for example from a mobile. Softphone will function the same way as today’s softphone solution, where the agent can receive queued calls, make outbound calls, or have calls transferred or dialed by another agent in Zisson Interact.

How it works
The agent will have a new response location available. This is called “username – my personal location”. When the agent selects this, they must also select an outgoing display number before the softphone is ready to use. Under the agents tab and on the contact card of the agent, a telephone symbol named Agent will appear. By pressing this icon, you will be able to call the agent on your softphone.

How to use
To use this feature, Zisson needs to enable the “virtual softphone” property. Note! In this version, the softphone will be activated for all agents without the option to exempt individuals. All agents who will be using the softphone should have the “54 outgoing display number” property, as the default outgoing display number for the softphone is a hidden number.


  • Locations
    • Removed the ability to change the number of an existing answering location
    • Softphone will no longer be deactivated after 30 days of inactivity
  • Contact List
    • List view should now remember which columns are selected
  • Queue Details
    • Displays live data/real-time information.
  • Ticker
    • Displays correct description for received inquiries
  • Calls:
    • Queue calls several agents at once
    • Agent booked callback does not get reserved to agent
    • Some inbound calls appear as outbound
  • UX:
    • Enquiry details 2nd level is not possible to change


*changes in the release may occur

The release will be notified via statuspage