Zisson buys martech star shot Socialboards

Zisson expands its offering for customer dialogue by acquiring Socialboards, one of the fastest-growing Martech companies in Norway. Socialboards gathers all customer dialogue in social media, live chat, and emails in one inbox. Together, Zisson and Socialboards will deliver even better customer center solutions on the market in the future.

– We are pleased that Socialboards’ team and technology will be part of Zisson. We have collaborated well for a long time. We have seen how sought after their solutions are, at the same time as our customers have demanded integration with Socialboards’ technology. Together, we cover all customer communication channels. We will strengthen ourselves as a competence house, and we will offer even better solutions to both existing and new customers, says André Jensen, CEO of Zisson AS.

Socialboards is one of the most exciting Martech companies in the Norwegian market. The company grows over 45% a year and has large companies such as DNB, REMA 1000, NorgesGruppen, Sport1, Avinor, VikingLine (SE), PostNord, Berg Hansen, on the customer list. Anne Kristine R. Grude, CEO of Socialboards, is looking forward to being a part of Zisson.

– Our technology and Zisson’s solutions create a completely new, common platform for systematization and analysis of customer inquiries in larger contact centers. Together with Zisson, we look forward to giving even more companies the right tools for good customer dialogue.

The acquisition of Socialboards comes after a very active 2020 for Zisson. The corona situation has allowed Zisson to deliver socially critical solutions to several private companies and public institutions like Helse Nord, pandemic information telephones, and customer centers with switchboard functionality to several public institutions like NTNU, Ålesund, and Oslo, and more. Zisson has also continued to grow in Sweden, following acquisitions there in 2019.

– We have experienced a sharp increase in demand for our contact center solutions in 2020. With Socialboards on the team, we aim to grow in 2021 through sales to both new and existing customers in Norway, Sweden, and internationally, says Jensen.

Zisson’s and Socialboards’ subscription revenues ended at a total of NOK 70 million in 2020. Zisson is supported by Verdane, a specialized growth investor who joins ambitious, northern European, technology-based companies and helps them grow internationally.

The underlying digitalization of customer communication has been further strengthened as a result of the corona pandemic. Zisson covers a growing need in the market, and we are delighted with both the company’s development and that Socialboards’ team and technology will be part of the investment further. To the delight of existing and new customers, says Nils Vold, a partner in Verdane.

About Socialboards

Socialboards AS was established by Anne Kristine R. Grude and Erik Platou Lundquist, who have worked together with customer service solutions since 2007. The idea around the service “Socialboards” was created in the period when the customer dialogue really changed after the introduction of social media, and we have since then worked purposefully to build a product that makes customer service a better experience in all channels – both for the consumer, and the customer service heroes who work daily with the customer journey in companies in and outside Norway’s borders. The company currently has some of the country’s best customer service companies on its customer list – such as DNB, REMA1000, NorgesGruppen, Sport1, Avinor, Telia, and many more. www.socialboards.com is happy to see what the solution does for a customer like Meny. meny.no/kundeservice (all modules there are run by SB). In total, Socialboards will provide Zisson with new and exciting expertise that will make Zisson a more complete player in the face of the market and competitors.

With the customer in focus

In recent years, the number of channels we use when we contact companies has increased sharply. While a large majority used to call customer service in the past, we see that various types of written channels are growing strongly. Social media is thriving at the same time as new channels within social media are continually emerging. Also, we see an internationalization within solutions that both assess and provide feedback to various suppliers. For Zisson, it is vital to be good at the channels that customers use at all times. Socialboards is a company that is incredibly skilled in these new channels, and that is really forward-leaning in the use of new technology. Dialogue with customers and partners shows that what Socialboards’ main focus is on is incredibly important in the future for having a good dialogue with customers.

Through the acquisition of Socialboards, Zisson has chosen to strengthen itself in a strategically important area. Here are some of the functionality that was important to Zisson when the choice fell on Socialboards:

-A robust solution for handling communication in the various channels within social media

-An innovative and smart FAQ that acts as a self-service knowledge base

-Ticketing / Case management/customer handling, dear children have many names, but we have the market’s crudest product – solution for systematizing customer inquiries in larger contact centers

-Opportunity to build forms for all types of customer inquiries

-Advanced analysis that shows how your customers communicate with you

We at Zisson look forward to presenting more to you in the future and look forward to another exciting year together!

With best regards

Zisson AS