the future workspace

The future workspace, what does it look like?

We can’t know for sure. But we probably can expect that distance work, and home offices will be much more common from now on. The Tech – sector employees, in general, have already had the opportunity to work from home for a long time. And it has been seen as a privilege to puzzle together a full-time job and family life by distributing working hours from home.

Blurred lines between privacy and work

I think we all can agree that performance by a timer has passed. Nowadays the work hours may not always be 8 to 5 during a day. We are always online, both through our computers as our work tool and our mobile phones that almost function as an extra body part. This leads to a blurred line between privacy and work commitments. Is that good?
New rules and responsibilities have to be overlooked as we change our work conditions. Both obligations and rights as an employee but also as an employer has to be made clear. Even in our free time, we’re thinking about work, in the shower or while laying in bed before we go to sleep. At supper with friends and family, we discuss different challenges we have to face. We exchange experiences and find new solutions and ideas that we bring back to our organization. That too is without doubt working hours.

Diverse work conditions, diverse preferences

Different personalities cope differently with tasks and missions and are variously fit to skill in diverse work conditions. Some people accomplish their best in privacy while others execute terrifically in a group. Employees that prefer individual work style seem, of course, to do great in times of distance work. But on the contrary, what happens to the often more outgoing ones, those who are prone to change. They may not perform their best behind their computer screen far away from their colleagues and energy from others that they feed on to create. And these people are highly valuable for a company to grow.

How do we then create this next upcoming workplace to include us all? How do we make sure that we all feel good, are seen, get enough rest, and how do we establish and secure company culture? It’s a challenge and a lot to think about, and maybe we all have to try new unexplored ways to work?!

A work environment or a company that includes everyone and makes their employees feel good is a success and will deliver fantastic results, that’s a fact!

Written by: Therese Nilsson

Marketing Coordinator, Zisson


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