Zisson Interact 2024-02

What’s new?

We at Zisson work continuously to improve our product so that our customers can enjoy a better platform. In this release, our primary focus has been on elevating the quality and stability of our product.

We introduce a New Session Contact Field​
This feature enables the gathering and display of contact details across various interfaces, including the call panel, call history, and queue panel. Agents can see contact info as a card or separate fields.

External API updates
​For customers utilizing our External APIs, we have introduced a new Entities API to improve clarity and simplify the process of retrieving and translating IDs within the system to corresponding entities. Furthermore, we have enhanced real time agent status information with the Queue Status API and expanded the data fields available in the agent details dynamics API.

Other features in this release​ include: 

  • New notation for URL pop variables
  • Added values in the Queue Status API for agent statuses​
  • New report for traffic distribution to identify traffic patterns
  • If using the softphone, one can turn off the ringtone​
  • Expanded virtual queues will stay open until manually collapsed​
  • Part one of e-mail domain verification admin to make e-mail management more resilient


*changes in the release may occur
The release will be notified via statuspage