Zisson Socialboards 2024-01

Socialboards updates

With this release you will experience a better and even more efficient product. Our primary focus has been on introducing new features and improvements to elevate the Socialboards platform. These updates aim to improve your experience and streamline workflows.

New features

Reply to Multiple Tickets at Once

  • Efficiently address multiple queries on various channels by sending a single message to respond to several tickets at once.

 Set SLA Times Based on Ticket Details

  • Our upgraded rules engine lets you set tailored SLA deadlines for tickets based on sender details or subject matter, improving prioritization. It also enhances SLA statistics analysis for better performance insights.

Improved Access Management

  • The new Access Tab simplifies the process for administrators to view and control permissions and access rights.

Facebook Messages Handling

  • Administrators now have the option to determine when a Facebook chat should initiate a new ticket, simplifying the tracking and quantification of actual conversations.

New Version of Outlook Add-In

  • In the latest version, you can assign specific categories to tickets upon creation and designate a specific assignee immediately.

Marked Comments

  • The ticket log has been updated with a new entry type that indicates who has marked social media comments as read.


  • Forwarding Tables
    Now, you can forward more complex content without disrupting the email’s structure.
  • Performance Improvements
    General improvements to the system´s performance.
  • Public Chat API
    Updated method for attachment handling.
  • Ticket API
    Added new endpoint for fetching values from specific custom fields.

Changes in the release may occur.