ProffCom chose Zisson as the supplier for their new contact center

In the picture: 
Patrik Axelsson (responsible for Partner Sales at Zisson), Karl Andre Hovde (Sales Director at Zisson), Rune Lonkemoen (COO at ProffCom), and John-Arne Martinsen (CEO at ProffCom). 

ProffCom is a leading provider of outsourcing customer service to various clients across different industries. This involves complete responsibility for the customer service of some clients and partial responsibility for specific areas for others. With 250 employees spread across four contact centers in Oslo, Kristiansund, Tønsberg, and Belgrade, there is a significant need for a seamless system that is user-friendly for everyone.

Recently, Zisson and ProffCom entered into a collaboration for the delivery of a cloud-based customer service platform, and we are proud to have ProffCom as a customer.

As Zisson aims for customer-driven development, input from our customers is crucial to us. When asked if Robert Gati, Sales Director at ProffCom, felt that they were missing some features, the response was that they view Zisson as a complete supplier.

“Zisson had all the features we were looking for, and we always experience a prompt and solution-oriented support department if we ever need it,” said Robert Gati, Sales Director at ProffCom.