Simplicity in Customer Service

Simplicity in Customer Service

On Tuesday, June 7th, we organized a seminar in collaboration with our partners ProffCom,, and Simplifai, focusing on the theme “if it’s simple, it’s good customer service.” What does it really take to create customer satisfaction in 2022 and the years to come?

During the seminar, simple customer service, identified as the most robust driver for customer loyalty, was highlighted as the most crucial component for excellent customer service and satisfied customers. But what exactly should be made simple, and how can this be achieved?

The Customer Expects a Simple Customer Journey

Good customer service is a competitive advantage. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to facilitate this through effective solutions. Today’s customers expect the entire customer journey to be seamless and straightforward, from the initial Google search to problem resolution. At Zisson, we believe that offering customers the communication channel they are most comfortable with is good customer service. However, several tools contribute to facilitating excellent customer service. According to a survey by Kantar, 63% of inquiries to the customer service center arise because self-service solutions are inadequate. Most customers prefer to solve problems on their own, and by creating effective self-service solutions such as knowledge banks and dynamic FAQs, you can free up a lot of time for the customer service center and end up with more satisfied customers. The survey also indicates that the most crucial aspect for customers is getting help at the first contact point. This trend emphasizes the importance of robust self-service solutions for customer satisfaction.

Zisson currently provides effective self-service solutions in the customer service solution Zisson Interact, as well as in our solution for written media, Socialboards. Feel free to contact us for a demo.