Increase customer loyalty with improved support

Screen sharing

In today's competitive market, it is necessary to know the consequences of poor customer service, as well as the benefits of the tools that facilitate a seamless customer interaction. Customers expect more effective communication and availability than before, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet customer expectations. By adopting innovative technologies such as offering screen sharing to your customers, you improve the way customers and agents communicate and facilitate a more personalized customer interaction with visual learning.

Screen sharing is a secure feature that allows the agent to see what the customer is seeing on their screen, so they can get the guidance they need.


- The session starts when the customer presses a chat button or is sent a link via email, which starts the screen sharing.
- The customer receives an ID which is also shared with the agent.
- The agent uses the ID to connect to the customer's screen.
- The agent now has an accurate visual overview of the customer's screen and can guide the customer by clicking, scrolling, and highlighting important information.


- Increase customer satisfaction: Customers can often be frustrated before contacting support. Screen sharing makes it easy to solve the problems the customer is experiencing quickly.
- Save time and increase efficiency: It can be challenging for customer service personnel to understand what is happening on the customer side, and a lot of time is often spent trying to find the problem. By offering screen sharing, the agent can quickly access the customer's browser and find the solution to the problem.
- Identify product or service errors: Sometimes, the problem is not caused by user error but by errors in the system. By getting a visual overview of what the customer sees, you will also quickly identify product - or service errors.
- Increase customer loyalty: Good customer service has proven to be the most important driver of customer loyalty. Offering extended support through screen sharing will contribute to this.


Regardless of the business, video in contact centers can make a big difference in customer satisfaction. By meeting customers via video, you facilitate a more personal customer interaction. Instead of using third-party applications such as Teams or Zoom, you can get the video function directly in the browser, both on PC and mobile.


- Integrate the video function directly in the browser without needing third-party applications.


- Increase productivity: research shows that customer meetings via video are 30% shorter than in physical meetings*.
- Reduced handling time: video makes it easier to understand customers and is an excellent way to improve customer service by providing a quick solution to inquiries the customer may have.
- Offer live product demos: watching a pre-recorded video or reading through a manual will not always be sufficient for the customer. Live video offers personal product demos.