Oslo Municipality: The solution was up in 24 hours

Oslo Municipality received an order from the City Council to launch the corona phone as an emergency solution for people who were calling about the virus. Their existing solution couldn’t handle the number of callers and crashed. Oslo Municipality contacted Zisson´s partner Techstep to find a telephone system that could handle the enormous traffic volume.

– Oslo Municipality is a customer we at Techstep enjoy working for, and it was very meaningful to be able to assist them on this important project. When they contacted us and explained the challenge, we knew exactly what solution would perfectly cover their needs, says Kai René Nordtømme, Enterprise Communication Advisor at Techstep Norway AS.

The choice landed on Zisson´s cloud-based Contact Center Solution. 

Zisson and Techstep worked all night, and the next morning the corona phone was up and running. 

During the first three days, the Corona Phone received 33073 phone calls.

– The flexibility and accessibility from Zisson and Techstep have been priceless! They have been our trusted advisors along the way, teaching us the system, giving us their advice and tailoring the solution to meet our needs, says Stine Eugenie Hansen, Head of the Corona Telephone in Oslo.  

The Corona Phone is a crucial function during this crisis and has gone from being an emergency solution to also providing referrals for further help. We are referring patients directly through the system to clinics and doctors.

Many businesses and municipalities are going through the same challenges, and Oslo Municipality has some experiences they would like to share: 



To make this possible, we had to work as a team across different stakeholders and functions. The interaction between all stakeholders, as well as the close cooperation with Zisson, Techstep, and the internal IT-department has been crucial for our success.


Follow the Leader

All changes, especially operational changes, must go through a leader. As a leader, I have a good overview of what’s happening and what the needs are going forward. 


Statistics is your friend

We are using statistics actively to map how many agents we need to operate the solution.

– Most of us here have no previous experience with telephone solutions, but nothing has been complicated. Zisson used a language we understood to teach us the solution, and when we needed to make changes, both Zisson and Techstep was available and answered our questions in seconds throughout our opening hours. We are truly gateful, this has made a big difference for many people, says Stine. 

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