Very satisfied customers with Onninen

Customer story:

Very satisfied customers with Onninen


Onninen is one of the Nordic region’s leading electrical wholesalers, with 26 Express stores across Norway.

Initially, several challenges were identified in their previous solution for handling customer inquiries. Among other things, employees were given “dual roles”, causing blurred lines between customer service, store employees and salespeople. As a result, the handling of inquiries became somewhat disorganised. In addition, there were challenges with different contact numbers that made it challenging to know where the customer was calling from, and made it difficult for the customers to understand who to contact.

Onninen engaged with Zisson for streamlining their processes and securing their ambition to become the industry-leader in customer service.


The partnership with Zisson ensured an optimal solution for the organization. The solution is based on effective coordination of local stores, a central customer center and a head office. Proper priority management and geographical routing of all phone calls means that everyone helps the customer in the channel the customer wants.

To ensure the highest possible response rate, priority management is used to dynamically increase the number of available agents if an immediate response is not received.

With positioning and geographical routing, full coordination between all stores, the customer center and the head office is ensured with support from other offices during high demand.


The solution provides better coordination, faster setup, and better customer management. The average queue time is 15 seconds, with a response rate of 97%.

The customer experience at Onninen has increased significantly, with over 70% of customers saying they are “Very Satisfied” with the help they receive.

Onninen is one of the few in the industry with such an effective and modern solution, giving them a clear competitive advantage.

All inquiries are handled correctly, allowing all employees to live up to “The Onninen Way”, which means that everyone should get a quick response.

“Zisson has been an important contributor to Onninen now having one of the industry’s best response times and response rates with customer satisfaction at the top end of the scale.”

Cathrine Ditleff

Sales Director SMB
Head of Customer Service Norway