Our switchboard and contact center solution collects telephony, chat, SMS, E-mail and social media in one solution. Zisson Interact gives you the opportunity and advantage of a complete view of your customer and provides them with the customer care they deserve.

What is omnichannel?

Omnichannel means that you gather all written inquiries in one place, making it easy to get an overview of all previous communications. Displays answered and missed inquiries. Omnichannel strategy allows for an informal and easy way to communicate with customers on their terms, whether they want to use social media, email, SMS, chat, or call.

Why should your business use omnichannel?

  • You define your customer dialogue
  • Low threshold for customer communication
  • Contributes to customer self-help
  • Availability on all channels
  • Collects all inquiries in one user-friendly interface
  • Young people use social media for contact
  • Cost-effective method of customer service
  • Reports and statistics from multiple channels in one system