Zisson Interact 2024-01

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We at Zisson work continuously to improve our product so that our customers can enjoy a better platform. With this first release of 2024, we have focused on making various improvements to take the platform to the next level.

In this release, the two main areas of focus have been:

  • Improved Automation​
  • Video and Co-Browsing Integration

Automation updates

In Zisson Interact, Automation is a tool for administrators seeking to streamline operations. Now, automation has support for written media.

  • Added trigger events to take automated decisions and actions
    • When an e-mail/chat/Facebook item is entering or leaving a queue
    • When an agent accepts a new written media item
  • Added filter for conversation types
  • New action to change the status of an agent or agent group
    • Schedule an agent to be set to pause at a predefined time, or set all agents to available when the queue goes over a particular value

Elevate conversations with Zisson Interact Video and Co-Browsing Integration

Agents can extend or transfer ongoing conversations using both video and co-browsing, creating a seamless and connected experience.

With this release, we made it easier to do customization:

  • Personalized Templates: Define your brand with custom video start and end page templates, reflecting your unique style​
  • Invite message: Craft and define personalized invite messages for co-browsing and video, setting a welcoming tone for every interaction

*changes in the release may occur
The release will be notified via statuspage