Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applies to the setup of information messages, menus, queues, and more, under the service number, and as by different criteria, routes the caller to the defined endpoint. The IVR setup forms the entire customer experience your caller has of your business and can be personalised to give you a great start in the customer dialogue. Always let your VIP customers get where they go, so you’ll never miss a great opportunity.


How does IVR work?

The IVR service is visualized as a flowchart showing which modules a call is typically routed via before setting up on a queue agent. Together, we will set up a layout that is perfect for you, which you can manage and change yourself whenever needed. Which IVR modules a solution consists of will vary from customer and solution, and we will help you set it up to make it perfect. There are no limitations on how many modules there can be in a solution or the composition of them. With IVR the customers can guide their way to the right queue and person.



Why you should use IVR?

  • Give a perfect first impression
  • Define your personalised customer dialogue
  • Easy to set up and change
  • Contributes to customer self-help
  • Prioritize your VIP customers
  • Ideal for busy days with a large amount of calls