How do we achieve customer success with our Customer Success Team? 

How do we achieve customer success with our Customer Success Team?

Zisson has long recognized the value of close customer follow-up, and it is precisely our proximity to customers that is one of our competitive advantages in the market. With growth in both the customer portal and the company, the board and management agreed that action needed to be taken to ensure close customer dialogue. We are very fortunate to have a chairman who is passionate about customer success, so it was decided together that we wanted to establish a dedicated Customer Success Team.

What does a Customer Success Team do?

A lot is in the title, Customer Success! The team’s everyday life revolves around assisting our customers in achieving success with their communication solutions and ensuring a better day for the customer and their customers.

The Customer Success Manager (CSM) follows the customer journey from A to Z when they choose Zisson as their provider. The CSM follows up on customer projects, assists in the implementation process, provides training, and ensures that all aspects of the startup go smoothly. The most important thing is that the customer feels seen and taken care of. It may also involve being advisors to the customer. This means that if we see elements where the customer can make improvements for better results, it is our task to promote those points. The goal of a CSM is for customers to experience an improved day and increased value by choosing us as their provider.

Customer feedback is a hugely important part of product development.

Proximity to the customer provides insight into how customers work with the product. This gives us excellent opportunities to further develop our products to meet new challenges and work methods.

An essential part of the product development process at Zisson is listening to customer feedback. They are the ones using the product every day and have a unique insight into how the product functions. Our experience is that the feedback is of such high quality that suggestions are often implemented. Customer feedback is well taken care of, followed up on, and highly appreciated.

How does a CSM make the customer journey better?

First and foremost, it is about being the project manager for the customer, and what sets a CSM apart from a regular project manager is that the CSM always has the customer’s vision in focus. In both internal and external processes, the CSM works to ensure that the customer receives as much value as possible, and the team provides expertise around the product and serves as an advisor throughout the entire process.

We ask one of our skilled customer success managers, Ken Roger Foss. How is a typical workday for you?

My day is very varied. As a CSM, I have a lot of responsibilities, from participating in sales meetings to conducting delivery projects, following up on existing customers, testing new products, and other exciting internal tasks.

We, in the CSM group, must understand the customer’s perspective and tailor the product so that the customer can best achieve their goals. Fortunately, we have a robust toolbox at Zisson, giving us many opportunities when dealing with various types of customers.

What is the best thing about your job?

What I appreciate the most is the customer contact; it’s not uncommon to have contact with 5-10 different customers in a day. In total, it makes for a hectic but varied and enjoyable workday. Additionally, the proximity to knowledge can never be underestimated, so working with so many skilled colleagues means I learn something new every day.

We have spoken to one of our customers, Bertel O Steen, about how they find it working with a Customer Success Manager from Zisson.

We see great value in being assigned our own customer success manager whom we can contact when needed. It’s nice to deal with the same person, and Ken Roger is a resource who knows us as a customer and our needs. This means that as a customer, we spend less time explaining issues, and we avoid creating significant projects for minor changes. The changes we have wanted, he has quickly and efficiently handled.

The collaboration with Zisson has so far worked excellently, and Ken Roger has been an important collaborator that has allowed us to utilize Zisson Interact in the best possible way.