Emojis: A Genius Tool For Empathic Customer Success?

Both in internal communication and external customer care, we are choosing more digital communication tools. With many employees in home offices, and customers using written media platforms to contact the business, we might be missing out on a significant part of communication – intent.

“With increasingly digital means of communicating, it’s becoming all too easy for employees to misread the tone and intent of the many emails, instant messages, and other correspondence they receive.” – Forbes, 2019.

Incorporating emojis into workplace communications can help employees avoid interpreting misconstrued tone, and as a positive consequence, communicate more effectively with each other.

In Customer Interactions, however, emoji-usage is debatable—the channel, what specific emoji and best practice are important to establish and follow to succeed.

How to use Emojis in customer care

1) Use Emojis wisely and make a plan

Emojis are a universal language, and we in Zisson believe they are a genius tool for empathic digital communication. It’s still important to remember that they might be interpreted differently, so use them wisely and choose emojis that are as “general” as possible.

Other companies such as WWF and McDonald’s are doing it successfully, and the customers love it! Emojis in social media, email, and SMS done well, add depth, when done poorly, they can make a post look like spam. This is a delicate balance and should be discussed and planned.

2) Find Emojis that represents your business and brand

“As we move into the future of workspace communication, we’ll continue to see communication channels evolve to incorporate tone, voice, and personality in ways that are more aligned with real-life interactions.” – Forbes, 2019.

Branding using Emojis is a great way to build company recognition. Choose five emojis that represent your brand and product, and use your personas/verticals actively in the decision making. A rule of thumb is that everyone should understand the meaning of the emoji.

3) Always focus on the customer experience

Emojis are fun for both employees and customers, and with customer expectations higher than ever, creating fun experiences and standing out is incredibly important to succeed in any market. In his book “Winning at social customer care,” Customer Experience Expert, Dan Gingiss states:

Det consensus across marketing and service channels is that customers are seeking more personalized experiences and social is the channel where companies can best show that they are human, responsive, and alert to customer concerns.

4) Questions to consider

As for the people using the emojis, always consider the question: Will this make me seem less competent? Will it make my intent come across? Will it make my business more empathic? If the answer is that you will come across as professional, give a more explicit message, personalize the customer experience and be more empathic with using emojis, you should make a plan to implement emojis in your business communication!

PS! Emojis in Zisson Contact Center

While chatting with a customer in Zisson Contact Center you can use emojis in the conversation. This way you can make the conversation more fun and personal!