Emergency response and next-of-kin telephone

Contact center in the cloud is not just nice to have - it is necessary to have. Today's situation shows that companies in the cloud have adapted to the new everyday life much faster.

Emergency response

For some businesses, a local installation of a telephony system with tailored functionalities and integrations is critical to ensure optimal processes and efficiency in everyday life. The emergency solution is a cloud-based backup telephony service. The service has an interface that easily enables quick activation and re-routing of telephony when the core telephony system is unavailable. The solution has been developed to ensure the availability of core functionality in a cost-effective way for businesses that deliver time-critical services. All solutions are tailored to the customer's needs when ordering, which ensures that the customer's core functions are immediately available when activated.

Crisis communication

Each business must prepare plans for crisis communication and must be prepared to handle unwanted incidents, and must draw up an overall emergency plan based on the overall risk and vulnerability analysis. A company's ability to communicate during a crisis is crucial to whether the situation is under control.

Backup PBX

Do you not need a new switchboard solution but would like an additional full-fledged cloud-based customer center as a backup should something unexpected happen? Our solution ensures access to modern technology for telephony and good communication. The solution is implemented as a service and can be scaled up or down according to the size and needs of the business.

Next-of-kin telephone

Today's society increasingly experiences extreme events/crises, which unfortunately also involve people and their relatives. For society to meet and help these in the best possible way, it is important that the phone storm does not become part of the crisis but helps to those in pain. For us, it is important that the support apparatus that helps has the tools in place and can use its efforts to provide the help those affected need. That is why we focus a lot on how the support apparatus should function and the surrounding organization is adapted to the needs.

Conference phone

Teleconferencing is a secure and robust solution for maintaining meeting activities at home offices and across borders and is a solution that can be essential in an emergency.

Warn of fire hazard

Report accidents

Notify about pollution

Warn about extreme weather

Warn of boiling water

Notify about events

Call for staff/resources

Emergency personnel

Notify people in accident areas

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