Zisson Interact: The Contact Center for businesses that takes their customer journey seriously

Zisson Interact is a contact center known for it's​ easy-to-use, cloud-based and flexible communication possibilities

Zisson Interact: 

100% cloud-based solution

  • Low investment costs
  • Fast implementation
  • High level of security
  • Continuously and automatically upgraded
  • Unifies inbound and outbound communication

Let the communication flow

By combining telephony, SMS, e-mail, chat, chatbot and social media in one interface, your customers will truly feel like a VIP, across every channel

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The service is installed and hosted on reputable operating centers with full redundancy. The solution works with all types of phones and with all operators.

The future of customer care

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with quick and direct answers, anywhere and anytime. Chatbot og AI technology. Our hybridbots will seamlessly transfer from chat to agent to meet all needs.

Our approach to both simplicity and quality creates excellent value for the customer when we transform it for ease of use and accessibility.


Search through contacts, see statuses, send SMS and e-mails and navigate in the organizational map.

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Increase customer satisfaction with self-service. Interactive Voice Response visualizes the service flow using a flowchart. The flow chart is updated as soon as changes are made and is a live view of how the solution looks like at all times. You can change the content of the flowchart continuously to customize the entry and customer requirements.

Emergency Solution from Zisson

The Emergency Solution is a cloud-based backup phone service. The service has an interface that easily enables quick activation and re-routing of telephony when the core system for telephony is unavailable. The emergency response solution is designed to ensure the availability of core functionality in a cost-effective way for businesses that provide time-critical services. All solutions are tailored to the customer's needs, ensuring that the customer's core features are immediately available when activated. The service is part of the platform and handles large amounts of traffic.

Cloud PBX

IP telephony is a natural replacement for existing analog and ISDN lines. Our In-House central in the Sky is an IP phone solution for businesses, and the solution is connected to telephone lines in the public telephone network (fixed and mobile).

The cloud-based in-house central is suitable for both small and large businesses. Our solution ensures access to modern technology for telephony and good communication.

The cloud PBX solution is implemented as a service and can be scaled up or down according to business size and changing requirements/needs. Low investment costs, short implementation time and limited use of internal resources help businesses to develop and change with fewer constraints.

The cloud-based in-house phone central is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional landline subscription. Included in the service are attractive rates for telephone traffic, crystal clear sound quality and instant connection over IP with excellent data compression.

The solution is flexible and can be used with existing Internet access connections (xDSL, fiber and the like). If the customer changes and receives other communication requirements, other services can be easily combined and put into operation.