Transforming customer service at Bertel O Steen

Customer Story:

Transforming customer service at
Bertel O Steen

With over 120 years of experience, Bertel O. Steen is one of the largest actors in the Nordic region within sales and service for passenger cars, vans, trucks, and buses. The company consists of a nationwide dealer network with over 40 dealerships and brand workshops.

There are 50-60 employees working at the company’s customer service center, which handles over 8000 phone calls and over 5000 inquiries through other channels such as email and SMS every week. In 2021, Bertel O. Steen faced a challenging time when the response time for phone calls increased. This led customers to seek alternative channels for assistance, which in turn created unexpected pressure and fewer available resources to answer the phones. One solution seemed to be hiring more employees for the customer service center, but this would not provide sustainable or effective solutions in the long run.


Together with Zisson, the customer journey and usage patterns were analyzed. Through analysis and direct dialogue with end customers, valuable insights were gained to make fact-based decisions. The focus shifted towards answering phone calls, and the results were impressive – the customer service response rate increased from 60% to 85%.

In collaboration with Zisson, smart call routing was also implemented. When a customer calls Bertel O. Steen, the phone number is linked with the company’s operational system to check for any ongoing activities. This allows the customer to be automatically connected to the right contact person, significantly increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction

“Our customers prefer telephone contact, so it was important for Bertel O. Steen to analyze and measure across departments and geographic areas. By clarifying roles based on knowledge, we broke down the silos between our brands and dealers, enabling better comparisons and focused work. This provided space and time to collaborate with Zisson, who tailored the solution to our needs.”


«With Zisson Interact, we are now handling 30% more calls with the same number of employees, resulting in a significant increase in customer responses and, importantly, significant cost savings,” the company states. Smart routing has provided workshops with an impressive 15% increase in response rates, strengthening trust and enhancing customer satisfaction.

“Our customers prefer telephone contact with the right place and resource. This allows us at Bertel O. Steen to provide the best customer service to our clients and resolve issues promptly. The response rate at the customer service center increased from 60 to 85 percent! This clearly emphasizes how thorough analysis and adaptation of technological solutions from Zisson can transform both the customer service experience and operational efficiency.”

Fredrik Karlsen

Head of Customer Center