What are the benefits of having IP PBX?

IP PBX is an IP-telephony solution for businesses, and it means that the phone system operates over the internet. Having a cloud-based PBX is a cost-saving alternative to the traditional landline subscription. The solution is flexible and can be connected anywhere. IP PBX is great for both small and large companies.

The benefits of an IP PBX are many:

Cloud PBX features: With Zisson´s Cloud PBX, you have a wide selection of features; transfer calls, voicemails, call recording, call conferences, interactive voice menus (IVRs), and call queues. You have a safe connection and can use IP-phones or softphones to receive or route calls.

Cost-saving: With IP PBX, you no longer need dedicated phone lines, because calls are sent over the internet. This also reduces costs for local and international calls. You have an always fixed price in your subscription, with operating costs with price per user. This means low investment costs, short implementation time and limited use of internal resources.

Cloud-based: As a fully cloud-based solution, you can work from anywhere with a cloud-based PBX. This has proven to be particularly important during situations like the Corona epidemic, where people are advised to work from home.

Automatic software upgrades: No need for an on-site IT administrator anymore, because you will always be on the newest and updated version.

We know if something is up: With a cloud-based PBX, we have all the information about the available lines. This also means that you get crystal clear sound quality and instant connection over IP.

Flexible: The solution can be used with existing internet access connections (xDSL, fiber etc), and is implemented as a service, so it can be scaled up or down according to the business size or needs.