The contact center for businesses that take customer dialogue seriously

Zisson Interact contact centers and switchboards are known for simple and flexible communication options that support both incoming and outgoing customer dialogue.

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About us

Zisson was established in 2007 with ambitions to simplify and improve communication between companies and end customers. Our vision is simple - we will be the first choice for all businesses that take the customer journey seriously! Our committed colleagues are crucial to achieving our goal, and the value that stands out most strongly is that we are one team.

We are proud to be partners with leading firms that want to deliver the best customer contact services. Together with our partners, we have 500 customers in the public and private sectors. Since 2018, Verdane Capital has been our investment partner. In 2019, we made our first acquisition; the Swedish company Clear IT (now Zisson AB). We focus on customer-driven development, trends in the market, and the latest technology. At Zisson, you can influence your working day, set the agenda, and drive development forward.

At the beginning of 2021, we expanded the offer for customer dialogue by acquiring the MarTech company, Socialboards. Socialboards gather all customer dialogue in social media, live chat, and e-mail in one ticketing system. Together, Zisson and Socialboards will deliver even better customer center solutions to the market. Both as part of Zisson Interact and as an independent product.

Corporate social responsibility

We take corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously. We work for equality and diversity in all parts of our organization. We make socially responsible choices to reduce the company's environmental footprint. We are proud that over 90% of our employees choose an environmentally friendly travel route. Furthermore, we support our local environment by assisting several teams in youth sports. We also have internships and assignments for students. In addition, we provide annual free support to the NRK TV campaign. We are a gold sponsor for KIRN (Forum for artificial intelligence and robotics Norway) to influence the discussion around AI in Norway. As a tech company, we have a strong focus on universal design and have, among other things, developed a blind desk in our solution, which creates work opportunities for visually impaired employees in businesses that use our contact center.

Our values

Gets the job done


Få jobbet gjort

We always strive to cooperate with key tasks, to efficiently deliver quality at the agreed upon time.




Our internal and external communication is direct and open, with short decision-making cycles. Our products are intuitive to the degree that it minimizes any need for a training period.

One team


Ett team

We work together towards our goals and win and lose together. Everyone takes responsibility to contribute in the team, and feels ownership to own and collective assignments.

Do you want to work at Zisson?

We value good collaboration and take responsibility for the tasks we have to carry out to effectively deliver quality on time.

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Partners with the Nordics leading telecommunication operators

Telenor's preferred partner

Zisson and Telenor have collaborated for several years, and in 2019 we became Telenor's preferred partner for contact center solutions. Zisson Interact has integrations with Telenor's APIs and Mobile corporate network.

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Leader in the Nordics

Techstep is a leader in the Nordics in creating digital and mobile workplaces. We have had a formal collaboration for four years. Together we have over 100 national and international customers. They have a separate support and delivery team for the solution.

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Innovative actors

Friday Networks always focuses on the customer and the end user. We have formally collaborated for almost three years. Together we have several customers, and Friday Networks takes an active part in digitizing their customers.

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Specialists in the corporate market

Mobit has specialized in mobile and IT for the corporate market. They want to create a simple, up-to-date, and problem-free digital everyday life for all customers.

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Business class telecom

Unmo finds the best solutions for your company and tailors solutions with a focus on the customer service of the future.

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Good customer service never expires

Mobility delivers everything within telecommunications and IT. They tailor and adapt cloud-based mobility and communication solutions, including the operation of operator services.

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Corporate communication of the future

Dstny (formerly Soluno) is a Swedish company that provides business telephony that works with all devices and all operators. They are constantly working to develop the services they have to make them better, safer, and easier to use. Switchboard services, operator agreements, and hardware in one place.

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Tar hand om dina kunder

Kulant was established in 2019 together with many experienced customer managers. They have broad experience with customer service via telephone, chat, e-mail, social media and back office tasks. In 2022, they also won customer center of the year and best in the category Transport & Logistics, for their largest customer Helthjem.

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