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Have a contact center in your pocket!

Right now, many companies reorganize their operations and choose not to offer their employees office space. Why should they? Nobody uses it! 

Retail is closing stores, and e-commerce is increasing with speed.

Organizations in all business areas hire and offer their employees fast online training. The next minute, they are a part of a contact center and work from home with customer service. This makes it possible to save a considerable amount of money for a big corporate company, and they may need it after struggling with MRR loss due to this pandemic crisis.  

But this way to build customer service is also precious value for smaller companies or startups. All businesses that understand that a lost call, unanswered email, or a chat that’s not alive means that the company is losing money.   

Zisson Interact makes it possible for companies of all sizes to give valuable customer service wherever you are. You may even have your contact center in your pocket!

All that’s required is an internet connection.

Zisson Interact supports your customer service by telephone, SMS, email, chat, and social media such as Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, or Instagram. All in the same interface, and you assign your channel choice to a coworker for further management. 

On your toes, be sharp, and raise your level of the customer relationship. 

Listening to your customer’s journey by using Zisson Interact SMS survey or being able to join your employees during a customer integration for trainee or quality purposes will have a huge and direct effect on your core business. I would actually like to claim that everything that surrounds us in our everyday life is about relationships somehow. We perceive how we get helped with our day-to-day challenges, how we are listened to or, how we are received in different situations.

To check your customers’ temperature is a great way to get a receipt for how competitive your business is. On your toes, be sharp, and raise your level of the customer relationship. Do it continuously and take action about good and bad when it’s still fresh and warm.  

Author: Therese Nilsson

Marketing Coordinator

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