What should you consider before implementing AI in your business?

What should you consider before implementing AI in your business?

Zisson has collaborated with various AI solution providers over the years to tailor and offer the right solution to our customers. Through this experience, we have learned that everyone has different needs, levels of expertise, budgets, and implementation timelines. Here is a list of 6 steps you should consider before implementing AI in your business:

Is AI right for you?

Many may feel that implementing technology in customer service is a goal in itself, forgetting to assess whether it will actually add value to the business and customers. If the customer’s needs cannot be met without speaking to a human, the point of a chatbot is lost, and one must identify alternative ways in which it can contribute value.

What is the goal of taking this step?

Is it automation and self-service? Cost savings? Providing a more holistic customer service? 24/7 availability?

What are the market options?

We have AI solutions from various providers, allowing us to highlight their strengths and compare them to the customer’s needs. Some may want a complete “ready-made” solution, while others may want to build it on their own terms. There will be significant variation in price and implementation time.

What can I use AI for in my business?

You may have made the assessment that AI is the right step for your business and are in the midst of an exciting process. Now, you should look at the entire landscape of possibilities with the use of AI. In addition to having a chatbot on the website or online store, you can implement the AI solution internally so that employees can use the chatbot to find documents. Perhaps it should be used for training in the product for customers and employees?

Use your best employees as a starting point!

By using your best employees as the starting point for building the solution, you will get a chatbot that is the best employee in the company. Let your best employees be the writers and shadow the chatbot for a period. This way, you will meet every customer in the best possible way and make the chatbot as robust as possible. People come and go, but chatbots endure. This is an employee who always gives their best.

Use data for continuous improvement

You must understand the customer’s overall experience and interaction with customer service in your business to map out how technology can provide the most increased value. Use data to build a robust solution and make the chatbot even better with each conversation it answers. Additionally, you should identify frequent inquiries and use them as a basis to send out information or make changes to achieve a better customer journey and/or product.

By using these 6 points as a foundation for implementing AI in your business, you will undoubtedly get more return on the investment and, at the same time, achieve the best possible end result. This will contribute to understanding the customer journey, creating holistic communication for the business, value creation, and most importantly – happier customers and employees.