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Zisson Interact is a cloud-based and omnichannel telephone exchange. We quickly set up flexible communication and customer service solutions for inquiries from telephone, web chat, e-mail, chatbot, social media and SMS.

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We have a very fast implementation time and minimal need for training. The contact center gathers all your communication channels in one platform.

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Intuitive, user friendly, and easy to learn

In the contact center's interface, you can quickly get an overview of your customer's history to form an overall picture of the inquiry. It is this overview that allows you to provide fantastic customer service. You can also route the call further, and note down caller information, in addition to many other features.


Overview and updated status report

Here you get a complete overview of all available information about your colleagues, such as contact information, status, and integration with your calendar. Icons easily show the status and give your agents the necessary insight.


All inquiries in one place

We have gathered all written inquiries in one place to make it easy to follow up with your customers in the best possible way. Text-based communication is increasingly preferred over speech, especially for the younger generation. Be present where your customers are!

We have all the features your business needs:

Everything in one place

Our switchboard and contact center solution combines telephony, chat, SMS, e-mail, and social media in the same solution. This allows you to get a complete overview of your customer and give them the customer service they deserve.

Queue prioritization and routing

Personalize and optimize the customer experience by recognizing callers, collecting information, and routing the inquiry. You can prioritize callers so that customers effectively get to the right place and meet their needs. Routing allows you to make a good and professional first impression.

Hybrid bot

Customers have new requirements for effective communication and accessibility. A hybrid bot will navigate the customer based on their questions and let them choose whether they want to talk to a chatbot or a human. Your customers will spend less time waiting for answers and more time on your product.


Our platform can be integrated with several third-party applications such as CRM/ERP systems to improve the user experience and increase efficiency and productivity. To further adapt to your company's needs, we offer open APIs.


It is easy to have an overview in Zisson Interact. We offer rich statistical reporting on several levels, which provide key figures and raw data so that they can be adapted to your business logic. Our queue ticker contains a visualization of the agent's key statistics on inquiries, presence, and average response time.


Increase customer satisfaction with self-service. The service flow is visualized using a flowchart. The flowchart is updated as soon as changes are made and is a live view of what the solution looks like at all times. You can change the content of the flowchart continuously to adapt to the process and the customer journey.

We have all the integrations your business needs:

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